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Ultimately, it's about family and friends. We want peace of mind and we want to share it with them. Real estate investments can be financially lucrative and immensely satisfying. With this lifestyle, comes hard work and strategic thinking, but at the end of the day, it is worth the sacrifices, intense research, and a patient heart.

Risks To Profits


in 2006, one year after starting the journey as a mortgage loan officer, I saw the potential of the real estate world. Intrigued by the vast capabilities that were out there to be pursued and taken, I began to research and make offers on properties both in Washington State and Oregon.

Daily, I would awake and with business cards in hand, I would drive for hours seeking real estate investment opportunities. I focused on non-listed properties and anything that looked abandoned or with investment potential. I knocked on doors and for every 40-50 offers, one would be hopeful, and that offer often led to an investment transaction.

The real estate market was crazy back then. I was doing deals on the hood of my car. I had forms and contracts ready in my backseat and a pen always in my pocket. I still carry a pen daily with me wherever I go since that became a habit.


During 2005-2007, the real estate market was crazy and I happen to "catch the wave" of it. Investors began to notice that I was doing so well that they began to ask me: "What was the secret?". And my response was, "I go out everyday, knock on doors, work hard and pray!" They always gave me that look of "You got to be kidding". Then, I would show them 3-5 packets of signed Agreements from property owners and they would smile with a little unbelief. Sometimes we would partner on deals.


My phone rang and a group of investors in Portland, Oregon wanted to meet me to see how I was getting real estate deals. I learned that money is NOT the primary factor in real estate investing, it's GREAT DEALS! Money was available, but it needed a vehicle to make it multiply.

So there I am in an office in the tallest building in downtown Portland, on the 25th floor and three young men in suits walk into the conference room dressed very sharp and ready for business. We visited a bit and then came the question, "What are you doing to get deals?".

There I sat wearing blue jeans and a clean, modest looking shirt and explained, "I drive around all over, knock on doors, hand out business cards, and pray." And sure enough, the three young men looked at each other with a little bewilderment, looked back at me and smiled.


I had walked into the office with 3-4 folders with locked-in deals. After a lengthy discussion, they offered to partner with me on them. They looked over the data contained in the folders and then had the office assistants verify the property addresses, title information, cleared liens, etc....

Well, I walked out of there with a check that made me smile for days! We signed a partnership agreement and I worked with this investment team for a few years. I partnered or worked with them on other deals as well.

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